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what the Type of PC I have to buy?!

Sunday, August 25th, 2013

colorful dell laptop

If you are about to buy a laptop, you need to know the type of laptops and with the type goes the price, each type has its own uses and circumstances.

1-        Ultralight

What make it special is its low weight which make it portable anywhere especially helpful in travelling, every piece in this laptop take the mini size to let the extremely light laptop overall in your hand, another advantage is consuming less power with good battery life at the same time. On the other hand these laptops are expensive and fragile.

2-       Tablet

This one come with different sizes (the price depends on the size) and a touch screen where u can put it in any position you want, more helpful in taking notes in business and travelling , consume little power but expensive.

3-       Budget

The most common type, more helpful for students and home users, not good for traveling with a weight of 8 pounds in average with the different screen types gives it different sizes but its less portable and consume more power.

4-        Desktop replacement

This with the largest screen and highest price, so with this large screen it’s hard to carry around , mostly used on power with little battery life .

Whatever the type you choose you might face problems after using the laptop for a pit of time such as the need for Laptop Screens Replacement , let’s take for example Dell Laptop Screen , these are easy steps to fix your screen if it gets broken :
1- Be sure the damaged can’t be fixed and you really need another one.

2- Then remove the screen screws and remove the bezel.

3- Removed the broken screen and put the new one.

4-Power the screen up.

Why I have to choose OLX.IN?!

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

With the evolution of the life, the tendency of using internet has been increased, a lot of services developed to use over internet rather than other ways, one of the most famous of these services is buying and selling,.

one of the most websites that serve this is OLX which stands for “ONLINE EXCHANGE “.

olx india becomes the largest classified site in India.

OLX India is is the best platform where you can buy/sell old stuffs easily. The secret of OLXs success is its design and the heavy marketing on Television and Internet.

all you have to be one of those people that benefit from OXL services of buying and selling is :-

register with them ,while registering you will be asked to select your state ,And once registered you can create your free listing by clicking on “Post A Free Ad”,this takes you to new page where you have to give information about the product that you are trying to sell and upload photos and you are done.

Just this single step and your item will be listed.Although it is not compulsory to upload photos of the item you are listing for sell but it is advised to do so because people will be more interested in products with photos.



in different to other competitors, OLX has used television as a good medium for India classifieds to target huge number of the Indian customers. Themed “Yaha Sab Kuch Bikta Hai” (Everything Sells Here) these series of commercials focus on the aspiring Indian urban middle class with a lot of aspiration to add value to their lives. Sans celebrities and laced with humor, these ads have instantly struck chord with the Indian audience adding to the popularity of the online classified site.

OLX’s ad campaigns in India have become a sensation on the television. How much will they contribute to its sales and profit is something which only time can tell. But the company seems to be on the right track with its Indian customers.

Finally Here are a few notable features of the OLX website:

  • Post rich media ads consisting of images as well as videos.
  • Ability to manage your buying, selling and community activity in “My OLX” section.
  • Sharing your ads on various social  networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Myscape.
  • Ability to access the website in your local language.
  • Viewing OLX from your mobile phone

Finally … don’t  forget to watch these videos about OLX

Smart Ball has become a reality…goodbye to doubtful goals

Friday, May 14th, 2010

smart ball in fifa 2010 in africaLong time ago and controversy always goes on football on the doubtful goals validity and balls that seem confusing to the rulers as they are confusing to the public and players. Since the period, too, and the idea of intelligent ball spin in the atmosphere, the ball can be resolved this controversy that tell referees if the line was crossed or not , and it seems that this dream will become a reality very soon.

Today ..  the Federation Internationale de Football Association FIFA Announced for its intention to introduce the technology to make the final rite of the next World Cup 2010 and which will be held in South Africa in the event of proven technical effectiveness in World Cup for the clup, which will be the first test of technology on the ground, and held in Japan next month. New technology depends on  provide the goal for four sensors pick up the signal from the transmitter is included in the flour balls that will be used in tournaments and once the ball crossing the goal line, it automatically send signals to a special watch worn by referees.And the FIFA hopes to succeed this technique to overcome the controversy aroused by these goals doubtful validity.
adidas World Cup 2010 Repliqué Soccer Ball

Studio Apartments For Rent

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

My friend father  was looking for a place he can rent. I told the Columbus Studio Apartments is the best option to get the best deal from him. And he agreed. We have been apartment hunting for a week already and we still have not found a studio apartment suitable for its needs and that are near the university.

I think it is already time for some courtesy help line! The site helps potential renters as my friend to find the best studio apartment that meets their needs and requirements. Go to the site now. Key in the place you want to find a studio apartment in the range of rent you can afford, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms above and click the Search button. It will give you a list of possible studio apartments that you can check. Naturally, be sure to find out about the rental assistance. You should be aware of your rights before taking the plunge. I told my friend that much. Stop and exhausting too much of your apartment hunting time as we did. My message to all that that just go to the and find your best need appartments.

Advantages of Owner Financed Homes

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

I recently search on the  Owner financed home and I got the best site as compared to all which is Dallas Owner Financed Homes. After visiting the website I got a much better understanding of how owner financing works and the advantage of Owner Financed Homes.
Site provides the wide range of great features which help you to decide the best place and Home for you. I really like the searching Feature of site. I can search with Zip code, by city, or by minimum or maximum price range without even stepping out from the Home. I can see the photos of home, square footage and much brief information for each house. By searching on the site it saves our lots of time and money.  Actually pulls in listings from many sources to bring the consumer a substantial selection of nationwide Owner Financed listings that’s why I am sharing here that the solution of owner financed   homes is Site has clean design and user-friendly search makes finding owner financed homes easier than ever before. I can confidently say that their team take extensive time to building the best owner financed home search navigation on the web.

Before this Read an Overview on Buying a Home at this government housing website is very useful to which provides 9 key steps to buying a home. You should read this before you even think about buying a home.

Iphone 3gs review

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Apples new iPhone 3GS promises about it’s streamlined connectivity with better network speed, faster processing, inhanced memory , more popular built-in applications and of course, a longer battery life. Lets seehow worth it is to have one for you . If you have a look on it, it appears exactly same as its previous version , having the same buttons on it. But the new version has a unique feature of finger print resistant display. In size, it is the same as its previous version .

iphone-latest os-3.0 iPhone 3GS has a new OS which is called iPhone OS3.0. this Os is bundled with many new features, which were not available in it’s  previous version .Messaging text is fun with iPhone 3GS, because it has a QWERTYkeyboard in landscape mode. The long awaited cut, copy ,past feature is very simple to use between text. Just by double tapping the selectedtext, you get the cut ,copy, paste  command menu. Like text messaging, MMS too is very simple in iPhone 3GS. You can very easily send a video file, audio file and still pictures by this phone. iPhone 3GS has a new stereo Bluetooth system which enables one to enjoy music flawlessly.

iPhone 3GS is equipped with a unique feature, which helps you to find your phone, in case you lost it . You can easily locate it in your computer. Though the feature is great but presently, it is available to only a few phone service providers.


Firefox Tweak: Stop misspelling In Web Forms

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Firefox 3 comes with a handy-dandy built in spelling chacker
you’ve ever used ,say Google Doc’s or posted a message in an online forum, you’ve probably seen it at work.  A red line appears under each miss-spelt word. You right click the word to see spelling suggestions (along with the usual context menus options). It’s a great feature, but it has one shortcoming too. It doesn’t work in web forms.  Don’t worry, I am going to tell you the Simple tweak of spelling checker so that it pulls form duty as well.

OLd PC new Life with Presto LInux

Sunday, June 28th, 2009


OLd PC new Life with Presto Linux
Want to give the new life to your old Slow speed PC? Wish you could almost instantly boot your laptop or netbook for a
quick peek at your e-mail or webpage? Presto promises exactly that kind of convenice. It a compact and fast loading
Operating System that installs in windows without any bootable CD and runs alongside it .Its Installer adds automatically
dual boot option so Presto provides you the taste of Linux without the usual hassles. I recently downloaded and installed
the trial and my PC which usually takes minimum 2 minutes to boot in Vista Home Premium, it started in just 30 seconds.