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A new collaboration between Yahoo and Facebook | activation blogging service from email

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

facebook and yahooYahoo announced in her blog that it was the application of new services that benefit users of Facebook. The users can blogging from their mail at Yahoo! Mail to their account up for Facebook easily with the same features offered by Facebook, the new application came after it announced former Yahoo! Yahoo announced its partnership with Facebook to make the users of the signatories add a list of contacts and friends to the signatories and the possibility of receiving messages and alerts from Facebook to Yahoo Mail as well as the possibility of sending messages to the accounts of friends in Facebook from Yahoo.

The new feature will appear in Facebook as normal blogging with reference to it from Yahoo! Mail and when your friend reply to your post, they replays will appear in yahoo mail with their photo and user name have in Facebook. (more…)

The internet threatens the rare animals species…!!!

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

internet threaten the rare animalsInternet “threatened” rare animal species

Delegates from the environmental groups, in the ongoing conference in the Qatari capital Doha, the Internet has become the biggest threats to the rare animal species with extinction.

Conservationists say the environment of the Internet and chat forums, have made it easier than ever, buy and sell anything, from small lion, to small polar bears.

The results of the study provided to the Conference on International Trade in Endangered Species, attended by 175 countries.

The Conference Impose a number of proposals to impose greater protection of endangered species.

Impact of the Internet:
Quoted, “The Associated Press on Paul  the President of the International Fund for the protection of land as saying,” The Internet has become the dominant factor in the overall world trade in protected species. ”

He said that thousands of endangered species being offered for sale on a regular basis on the Internet, where the benefit of both buyers and sellers on condition of anonymity, and the vast global market, which offered to them by the network.

HP iPAQ H2210 Pocket PC

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

The trend of HP machines is to reduce size and weight. With the series iPAQ h1910, h1930 and h1940, light machinery and ideal size, HP has decided to depart from the traditional format of the iPaq. But these machines set h19xx had two drawbacks: the presence of a single SD slot, difficult to accept for those who have invested in Compact Flash card and a processor a bit light for some applications such as GPS. While the proposed HP iPAQ h2210  users keen to have a small two ports, a processor at 400 Mhz and a possibility of wireless link   Bluetooth. This is a detailed review of this model, after several weeks of use, which offers thoughts I have shared with you here.