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5 Amazing Free E-book Reader iPhone Apps

Friday, April 9th, 2010

5 Free E-book Reader iPhone Apps

Whereas you could be filled with enthusiasm by IPADĀ  of Apple and its iBookstore,iPhone and iPod touch
owners choose not to install last the device of 9,7 inches can still receive E-reading on their iProduct immediately Merci with a rack full with large E delivers reading applications available aujourd’ today in l’ App Blind. Well qu’ it is not very probable that you will want to consume War and Peace on your iPhone, with a little d’ e-books on board for a speed reading in the train or your pause of midday is an excellent means of spending some time. And which knows, according to the title, you could learn something again too. Here, we gathered a list of five free applications which offer e-book to you capacities of reading on your iPhone. Therefore, choose that which is appropriate to you, to obtain a downloaded title, and the drift with broad in the good bliss delivers.

Experts warn of iphone flaw

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Apple has teamed up with security experts to talk a security flaw in the iPhone that can be exploited by using a simple
text message. The vulnerability was discovered by security expert Charlie Miller, who is working with Apple to fix the
flaw. Many of the finer details of the flaws have not been announced in a bid to stop them falling into the wrong hands.
What is known is that an attacker could intercept data from the iPhone GPS chip, so the phone could be tracked or can
intercept signals from the microphone in order to eves drop on conversation, just by sending a specially crafted SMS message.